About us

SaazBuzz: from the Persian “Sāz” meaning instrument and the Persian “Bāz” meaning player or playing. “Buzz” in English has the meaning of hype, so that SaazBuzz can be interpreted as both someone who plays a musical instrument and someone interested in all things musical.

Saazbuzz is an independent cultural organization that was established on the web with the intention of serving the musical community to the best of its capabilities.

Since its inception, Saazbuzz has been active in 2 major fields:

1. The SaazBuzz website, which began its run in 2013 by providing an archive of music articles and general knowledge on independent genres of music like Jazz, World, etc., as well as recommending and reviewing recent alternative albums and events.

2. Planning, producing and conducting musical events, including:

Tehran Jazz Nights Festival

Tehran Jazz Nights Festival is an annual event which occurs every summer. Since its first edition in 2014, it has been met with an overwhelmingly unprecedented positive response each year, considering its unique genre of music. ...

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